Onboard your new employee

StarterForms helps to remove manual processes your HR team do to onboard new employees.
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How do we help?
We help by sending standarized forms to your new employee
to capture all the information you might need to successfully onboard them.
Sending forms

StarterForms helps you by sending out prebuilt HTML forms to your new starters. This will save your employees time with onboarding new starters to the company.

  • Provided the new starters, name & email
  • We'll send them an email with the link to fill out the forms
Grab a coffee and wait

We do the heavy lifting for you at this stage so you can be chillout, grab a coffee and put your feet up.

  • Reminder emails
  • Notifications of completions
Use the data to onboard

Now you have the all the completed forms, you can use this data for onboarding.

  • Export the data for use in other systems
  • Have a clear and consistent view of the data
  • The data is easily accessible
Set your brand colours to used on the forms.
Choose the forms you want to send.
Works on every device
Designed to work on mobile and desktop devices.
Smart Notifications
We'll send you smart notifications as and when forms are filled out.
We integrate with HR platforms to simplify new starter onboarding.
Export data
You can export your starters data in XML, JSON, or CSV formats.
What forms can you send?

You can send a variety of different forms.

Here is an example Employee Details Form you can use to gather key employee details seamlessly – names, titles, contact info, and emergency contacts.

You can use this form, or any form to elevate efficiency for a smoother onboarding process.

Example Employee Details Form
Your Business Name
Disclaimer: By submitting this form and any other form you you declare that the information you have provided as part of this application, including employment history, academic and professional qualifications are true and correct and understand that giving false or misleading information my result in termination of employment.

You also give permission for all your personal information collected as a result of filling out this and any other form be held on your employee record and processed in line with 's Data Protection, Data retention and Privacy policies.
Emails are used for GDPR reasons.


We offer all features & forms for a simple
price of £8.99 per new starter.

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